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The school year finishes on 19th June, do you already know what to do with the two months without school? If not, this article may give you some hints…

Ogrodzieniec Castle1. Ghost Story – take a bus or go by bike to Podzamcze to see the Ogrodzieniec Castle on Friday night. Be scared by ghosts, listen to legends told by the hooded guide, see how this medieval fortress look like in the dark. Remember to book your tickets first: call 032 6732220

2. Pilica– the town of three religions. Go to Pilica to visit Jewish cemetery (kirkut), evangelic cemetery and catholic monastery. Do ask the monks to show you the cellars below the church. Have a rest on the beautiful market place, visit the old church nearby and take a walk to the palace. From the palace go towards Biskupice along the old avenue. When in doubt – visit www.it-jura.pl.

3. You think you know Czestochowa? I bet you have not been to all the Jasna Górainteresting places. Apart from Jasna Góra be sure to visit the Archeological Museum showing treasures hidden down below (call (0343231951). Do go to the Match Factory at Ogrodowa 68 – you will see machines from the beginning of 20th century still producing matches… Last but not least – at Częstochowa-Stradom railway station there is a museum of Warsaw railway- call before you go 0343701650, the good news is the entrance is free.

Leśniów Shire4. Żarki – the town of Jews and Catholics. Best day for Żarki is Wednesday or Saturday as there is a huge market around the old sheds. From the market walk to Leśniów Shrine then to the old Jewish cemetery. Take a walk to Mirów ruins of castle, then to Bobolice. Come back to Zawiercie through Hucisko and Wygoda.

5. Get the feeling of Kraków-Częstochowa Uplands. Take a bus to Zdów, walk along the red tourist track of “Eagle’s Nest” (Orlich Gniazd) through Góra Zborów, Apteka, ruins of Bakowiec castle in Morsko, and finally to the rock with the huge hole in it – Okiennik. Come back home by bus from Skarżyce. Remember – you will have to pay to get to Góra Zborów nature reserve.

Szlak Orlich Gniazd

written by Wojciech Latacz

On 1st June 2009, in our town, there were taking place a lot of events under the name ,,The Carnival of Cherry’s Flower’’, dedicated to The International Children’s Day. The pupils of our school have participated in an interesting contest wearing clothes made by recyclable materials (paper, plastic), representing different tails, stories and cartoons. The children were very excited about the fact that they had an opportunity to act and dream.
A lot people from our town participated in our celebrations, the old ones and children.
There were many activities like: drawing on the street, body painting, balloons modeling, challenges with roller-skates and bikes, sport games, shows and fireworks.

written by Romanian Group

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solaris3Our literary club SOLARIS celebrated „SPRING DAY” (European Day) on 9th May 2009. The theme of this activity was „Creativity”. The club was born four years ago and became a very important project to us. Those pupils who love literary creativity may participate and, this way, win opportunity to express themselves. This year, SOLARIS developed several activities, like: „The National Day”, „Thesolaris2 poetry world”, „The flowers carnival”, „Spring Day” and we are preparing now for the last one, in June, „The dream of summer night”. You’ve met some of our club members: Adeline, Alexandra, Madeline, Andrea, Diana, Lavonia, Frieze, Stefanie and Florentine.
solaris12009 is „The European year of creativity and innovation”. Our pupils wrote essays, poems and letters to friends in Europe. They sang „The ode of Joy” and talked about European values. In the end, our drama group EXCELSIOR played a comedy.solaris4

KatyńOur school participated in a national programme „Katyń – to preserve for posterity. It’s a programme, which is aimed at the memory of soldiers, who were killed in Katyń by ZSRR.
Last Wednesday, 20th May 2009- in our school we entertained polish officers’ families. Our students were really interested in a performance and made presentations about Katyń and polish soldiers, who died there. During the performance our school choir sang threeSchool choir songs: “Domine Deus”, “Days, which we don’t know” and Marlena with her rock-band sang „White Cross”. Everybody was crying while this song was sung. Officers’ daughters said this ceremony had been touching. We planted four trees-oaks, which should remind the history of Polish soldiers.

written by Magda


photo3Our school magazine „Star of Danube” was established two years ago, so we got now to Number 5. A lot of students take part in a in redaction team ,most of them members of our literary club SOLARIS. You’ve already met tem: Adelina, Alexandra, Mădalina, Nicoleta, Andreea, Lavinia, Ferize, Ştefania, Florentina and Diana. They work together and establish the theme of each number. For example, the last issue wasphoto1 „Zimnicea and Danube”. Then reporters talk to other students, with teachers or people in town, take interviews, write articles and take photos. Priority topics are: the school life and events of time they write about (last six months). This project can join all those pupils who love journalism. The most important features of character that they need to have are: creativity and enthusiasm. We have the permanent headings like: poems, interviews „We are proud of them” and fun page.

written by romanian group


ExamsInProgressGymnasium school.
Classes are reshaped at the end of the 4th grade, based on academic performances. Many schools have special classes (such as intensive English or Informatics). Selection for such classes is done on the basis of local tests. Assessing the students’ performance is also different between primary and gymnasium cycles. Starting with the 5th grade, students have a different teacher (professor) for each subject. Furthermore, each class has a teacher designated to be class principal, besides teaching his or her usual subject. Additional counselling may be provided by a special counselor or by a school psychologist.

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